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Unwind: Self-Awakening Yoga Therapeutics & Yin Yoga | 8-week Series

Slow down, tune in, deeply unwind, and heal in this 10-week series. Using the therapeutic movements of Self-Awakening Yoga, you will learn to come home to your body to release deeply-held tension and outdated messages in the body. As you drop into your inner landscape with long-held Yin Yoga postures, you will learn to unleash blocked energy and cultivate self-compassion.

The quiet practice of Yin Yoga offers a much-needed balance for our active and stressful “yang” lifestyle. The meditative atmosphere that comes with holding floor postures for several minutes presents a unique environment for introspection, unlocking a door to patience, compassion, and “inter-being” in our yoga practice and daily life.

Self-Awakening Yoga was developed by Don Stapleton of the Kripalu Center and Nosara Yoga Institute, and is based on his personal exploration of yoga after a spinal injury. The gentle kriyas are designed to recover freedom of movement, mobilize stagnant energy, and unleash the body’s natural intelligence for transformation and healing.

This series is hosted in-person by Heartswell, an innovative therapy practice in Arlington, VA. Heartswell & Sati Yoga believe that body-based practices play a vital role in releasing and healing stuck emotions. You do not need to be a Heartswell patient or be in therapy to sign up.

*In observation of Yom Kippur, we will not have class on Oct 5.