Befriend Your Parts

Introduction to IFS Parts Work

Friday, December 9, 2022
11:00am - 12:30pm EST/NYC
via Zoom (live only*) 
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Everyone has limiting beliefs, inner critics, and other unhelpful thought patterns and behaviors.

You've probably tried more than one technique to banish some of these inner voices. Meditation, affirmations, and reasoning seem like good strategies. Unfortunately, these tools focus on the symptoms and not the root causes.

Have you ever wondered how these voices got there?

This is where Internal Family Systems (IFS) Parts Work comes in. IFS is an evidenced-based therapeutic model for clearing unhelpful and unskillful habit energies while creating direct access points to your Core Self.

Unlike other methods, the IFS model encourages us to befriend the myriad parts of our personality, even the shadow ones. When we get to know them and hear their stories, we can uncover and heal the roots of what keep us from leaning into our life with a fiercly open heart.

IFS Parts Work can help you:

  • identify and reconcile areas of inner conflict.
  • make peace with the parts that you typically disavow.
  • gain perspective around who you truly are.
  • disidentify with negative thought patterns and behaviors.
  • access the Essential Qualities of your Core Self as guidestars in your life.

In this introductory workshop, I'll unpack the IFS model of the mind through the lens of personal practice. You'll learn:

  • how to enter and navigate your inner terrain with meditation and journaling.
  • how to detect the presence of parts.
  • how to taproot the Essential Qualities of your Core Self.

*I use Zoom Webinar for this workshop so you won't be on camera and your privacy is protected from other attendees. It's in that spirit that I don't record these workshops, but I offer them regularly. Sign up for my Monthly Letter to stay in touch.

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Hi! I'm Jennifer O'Sullivan

I guide seekers, space holders, healers, and social changemakers through their inner terrain with shame-free embodied practices rooted in timeless wisdom and science.

I see myself a wayfinder.

I might also describe myself as a yoga teacher, educator, meditation teacher, mentor, guide, IFS practitioner, or coach.

The work I do is more like inner facilitation. Whether we start with the body, breath, or Parts Work, your courage and your curiosity propel the work.

My role is to help you explore your inner world to clarify your vision, taproot your innate healing powers, and set down any burdens that keep you from living and working in alignment with your values.