Setting Self-Led Boundaries

An IFS Parts Work Workshop

Saturday, January 8, 2022
1-3pm EST/NYC
via Zoom (live only*)
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Ever feel like setting and maintaining boundaries generates a lot of internal friction?

You’re not alone – boundaries are complicated!

Some parts of you may be motivated to preserve the external relationship. Other parts may be sick of feeling under-appreciated. Some parts could be focused solely on financial concerns, and other parts may be protecting you from vulnerability. 

However they show up, the conflicting interests of your internal parts create fuzzy boundaries that set the stage for relational confusion, misunderstanding, and eventually resentment and anger. 

Discover IFS Parts Work

IFS is an evidenced-based therapeutic model for healing the old wounds that keep you feeling stuck.

Through a technique commonly referred to as "Parts Work," IFS also works really well as a framework for gaining clarity around what you truly want or need in a variety of settings and circumtances.

That's because IFS is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Your inner world is like no one else's. Each relationship is different.

IFS Parts Work can help you sift through your unique system of parts so you can set the most appropriate boundaries for any situation.

Let Your Self Shine Through

Parts aren't the only entities in your internal world. You also have the Self, which is a compassionate and healing essence energy that enables you to rise to the challenges in your life from a place of inner harmony.

With Self as the leader of your internal system, parts become valuable resources free of their fear-based motivations.

In this Internal Family Systems  (IFS) workshop, I’ll help you:

  • convene a Self-led conference of your parts from a place of internal spaciousness,
  • hear your parts’ myriad concerns with an open heart,
  • get curious about what your parts need you to know about navigating this relationship, and
  • set Self-led – instead of parts-led– boundaries. 

And… you’ll be able to replicate this process on your own for other relationships and situations. 

* I'll use Zoom Webinar for this workshop so you won't be on camera and your privacy is protected from other attendees. It's in that spirit that I don't record IFS workshops.

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About Your Facilitator, Jennifer O'Sullivan:
I found yoga and mindfulness practices at a time when I was very under-resourced to meet the emotional challenges I was facing. I got lucky that I discovered a gentle, non-dogmatic teacher whose approach to yoga had a therapeutic lean. When I became a teacher myself, I foregrounded self-compassion, inner listening, and stress management practices.

In the nearly 20 years that I've been teaching these techniques, I've become very aware of what these practices can't do. While very good at revealing our unskillful thoughts and patterns, these ancient approaches don't offer strategies to meet and heal our wounds. Nor do they help us navigate the myriad conflicts and decisions we face in daily life.

I'm now a Level 3 IFS Practitioner and enthusastic booster for Parts Work precisely because it offers yoga and mindfulness practitioners a very complementary way to compassionately befriend and work with all of our parts, even the shadowy ones. My clients frequently share that this work feels familiar and is a natural extension of their personal practice.