All Parts Are Welcome IFS Circle

I offer these 6-week programs when there is sufficient interest. Sign up below to let me know you'd like to join a group.

Maintaining balance and ease in our lives is more challenging than some wellness programs let on. Too often, we find ourselves without the inner resources to meet difficulties in a way that feels aligned with our values and with the spirit of compassion.

The truth is, everyone has old coping mechanisms that we learned when we were younger (and less resourced) that can get triggered when we are pushed. This doesn't mean that we're bad yogis or meditators. Those methods aren't designed to process deeply-held beliefs that may not be true, soften inner critics, understand the roots of imposter syndrome, or mediate inner conflict.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) parts work is one of the most highly sought-after therapeutic models in the world today. But you don't need to be in therapy to benefit from getting to know your own internal system.

Join me in a very safe and nurturing container to share and process your feelings while learning new techniques for thriving in challenging times.

In our group coaching calls, I will help you access your core strength, map your inner terrain, and learn to soothe the triggered parts of you that need support and care. 

If you aren't familiar with IFS, don't worry. Over the course of the program you will:

  • learn about the IFS model of the mind through short video lessons (15 mins or less)
  • learn how to invite in a multiplicity of feelings, including challenging ones
  • practice methods for meeting and getting to know some of your different internal parts
  • learn how to speak for your parts and to connect to your higher Self for guiding your internal system

Our 90-minute live sessions will include:

  • community sharing
  • opportunity to discuss the application of IFS concepts
  • optional live coaching
  • guided meditation (recordings will be available)
  • exercises you can do on your own

This will be an intimate gathering of 6, so you will not be lost in the crowd. 

Rooted in IFS

IFS (Internal Family Systems) is an evidenced-based therapy model used around the world in clinical and coaching settings. It was featured as an especially effective tool for treating PTSD in the groundbreaking book “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel van der Kolk. The IFS model of the mind was also the inspiration for the Pixar movie “Inside Out.”

IFS is based on the idea that our mind is made up of parts that develop as we grow up to help us live in and relate to the world around us. Parts take on unique and necessary roles, but not all parts do their job skillfully especially when triggered.

Through IFS work, we can learn to tend and befriend all of our parts, and access inner strength and wisdom from a calming and compassionate core Self.


Why Process in a Group?

Sangha. One of the essential factors of spiritual growth is knowing that you aren’t alone in your process. You’ll be joining others who value this kind of work.

More importantly, community gatherings - even virtual ones - deeply nourish us and keep us grounded.

Learn from each other. We learn a lot about ourselves when supporting another person’s process. When we observe someone else’s process in group settings, not only do we gain valuable insight as we reflect on our own lives, but we also cultivate the skill of holding space for others.

Committment to Participation

Live participation is a must. Because enrollment is limited and to promote group cohesion, please only join us if you can make all sessions. I start new groups frequently when there is interest, so get in touch if you'd like to join at a different time. 

For privacy reasons, these sessions are not recorded.