What is IFS?

All Parts Are Welcome

Internal Family Systems, IFS for short, is based on the idea that we all have a core Self that embodies all of our finest qualities, like compassion, creativity, and wisdom. We are born with these gifts, but as we grow up and learn to live in and relate to the world, we develop inner protectors — parts of our personality that work hard to keep us safe from harm or pain.

Some parts do this in an outwardly positive way. Other times, parts can hold us back out of fear.

In the IFS Model, we help parts take on less protective and restrictive roles not by pushing them away, but by getting to know them better and by uncovering the origins of their fears. When we heal these old wounds, parts are then able to show up in less extreme ways.

IFS is very client-directed and a lot of people practice the model without the support of an IFS practitioner or therapist. But working with someone who is trained in IFS can accelerate the process of leaning into your life in a wholehearted way.

Check out this short explainer video to learn more about the IFS model and how you might use the Parts Work process to help you do big things with less friction

What to expect...

A typical IFS session starts with the invitation to turn inward in much the same way we do at the beginning of a yoga practice. The session unfolds through a dialog that helps you identify your parts, learn how they work for you, and how they might be working overtime or in unskillful ways.

IFS is a really effective way to find out what is keeping us from fulfilling our life's purpose.

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