Do Big Things Challenge

For visionary seekers, space holders, and changemakers... get much-needed clarity around your next move.

The Do Big Things Challenge is a *free* mini-course designed to help you get more clarity and perspective before you take your next leap. It’s based on the ground-breaking Internal Family Systems (IFS) Parts Work model and will give you a taste of Into the Wilds, my small-group coaching program.

Define Your Next Big Thing
Whether you're thinking about writing a book, running for office, starting a business, going back to school, or navigating any life change, having insight on where you want to be when you’ve made it is essential to clearing the path that will take you there.

In the Do Big Things Challenge, you're going to get specific about the nature of your goal or intention. Where are you now and what does accomplishment look and feel like to you?

Get the Lay of the Land
By its very nature, playing big (h/t Tara Mohr), stirs up fear and uncertainty. This is normal because a thing can't be big if it doesn't include diving into the unknown. I call this liminal space The Wilds, and it's the place where our aspirations and vulnerabilities collide.

We don't have to go into The Wilds without a map. In the Do Big Things Challenge, you’ll identify potential constraints, important unknowns, or even key allies - information that will help you reduce unwanted surprises while you do your big thing.

Meet Your Cast of Characters
Some of your Parts are going to be enthusiastic champions of your big plans. Other parts are going to feel afraid. Whether it's uncomfortable exposure, fear of failure, or second doubts, these feelings and beliefs are completely normal.

In the Do Big Things Challenge, you'll identify your internal champions and skeptics, so you know who to take care of as you journey through your Wilds.

The Details
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