Hi! I’m Jennifer O’Sullivan
I’m an inner wayfinder for spiritual seekers, space holders, healers, and social change makers who want support and tools to access their grounded center, surface innate inner resources, and release personal and cultural burdens without shame.

I guide grounded embodiment practices from the Yoga & Taoist traditions, teach self-regulation and attunement with Buddhist mind training, and facilitate compassionate inquiry using Internal Family Systems (IFS) Parts Work so you can thrive with ease even when life isn't easy.

Into the Wilds - IFS Group Coaching Head Into The Wilds!
Small-group coaching for visionaries and change-makers who want to do big things with less friction.

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I'm based in the Washington, DC area, but all IFS groups and individual sessions are virtual. I offer both in-person and online yoga classes. Check out my master calendar for all upcoming events and programs.

Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Virtual Classes

Join me on Monday evenings by donation.

Parts Mapping Sessions ~ Free Mini-course

Get the perspective you need to focus your time, energy, and resourcing efforts strategically.

1:1 Wayfinding Sessions

Get personal guidance through your inner terrain with facilitated IFS Parts Work.